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With Erin Zompa, LE

Craving for longer, thicker looking lashes? Eyelash Extensions are your answer! Individual synthetic and naturally curved eyelash extensions are glued directly to the natural lashes, one by one using a Medical Grade strong bond adhesive formulated for a semi-permanent bond that dries soft on lashes. Lashes are weightless, very comfortable on the eyes, and will not prematurely cause the natural lashes to fall off. Refills every two-three weeks are necessary to maintain lashes looking fresh and beautiful. Enjoy a collagen eye treatment while they are applied! The entire lash procedure is very comfortable and relaxing; so be ready a relaxing nap and awaken with lush, beautiful lashes! We kindly request 24-hour notice for a cancellation. Not doing so will result in a 100% charge. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 401..

What To Expect:

- Please arrive with no mascara or other eye makeup on.

- You cannot use oil based (water proof) mascara (not that you would need it anyway! )

- You have to keep the lashes dry for 24 hours after the process so plan ahead (no spas, sauna, tanning salons, swimming, or hot steamy showers)

- You have to lie flat and still, with your eyes closed for the duration of the process (90 min). 

[Time may vary based on set and lashes]

-If you can not lie flat due to health reasons, back issues, or in your third trimester of pregnancy or you have super sensitive eyes this might not be for you.

- Glasses and contact wearing ladies can also enjoy lash extensions (you may need to go slightly shorter if your frames sit really close to your face)

- Lashes will fall out gradually (both natural and synthetic) but don’t stress or attempt to remove them yourself. This fall-out happens naturally with your regular lashes but seems scary when they fall out attached to a synthetic lash because it is more noticeable/dramatic. No need to fret.

-To maintain them, similar to acrylic nails, you will need to come back in after 2-3 weeks for a ‘Fill’.

Service Prices

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